Hallway is a walking simulator in a ever-looping hallway. 
As a solo project, it features the manipulation of the player's emotion through minimal differences of sounds and visual.
The emotional experience of the hallway is lined up with the three-act structure.  
Beginning: As soon as the player enters the game, a phone rings from a distance, luring the player to start exploring the hallways.
Rising action: The more player explores, the more white noise increases as well as the hallway changes in a subtle way, making the player stays interested in what will happen next.
Climax One: When the white noise reaches its peak, the environment changes in a sudden, uncomfortable way.
Low Point: After climax One, the white noise falls back, and rises again, inferring a loop structure to the game, creating a low point in the experience.
Climax Two: Player will encounter a blocked hallway shortly after, creating a second climax, as it never happens before.
Climax three: final climax comes when the player encounters a second blocked hallway and turns its back to a monster.

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