On Eternal Frontier, I was a mission/level designer. My duties included:
Implemented last half of the quest lines for chapter 2.
    • Designed and wrote the history of the single player mode for chapter 3.
    • Designed, wrote, and implemented the new quest lines for chapter 3. 
    • Created multiple new enemy AI behaviors aligned with questlines.
    • Created and implemented 2 new types of quest in story lines.
Overall, I spent most of my time designing levels, questlines, combats for the single player story mode.
Level Design & Building: 
​​​​​​​    - Fully implemented quest lines of the later half of single player mode, chapter 2
    - Wrote and successfully pitched the history and story lines for chapter 3
    - Prototyped and refiend the new quest lines according to the landmap
    - Prototype and implemented a new quest type: stealth and boss
    - Iterated on the storylines with a level designer to create triangular loop to minimize repetitive travel time.
AI & Combat:
    - Implemented non combat AI behaviors
    - Worked closely with combat designer to fully deliver questline functional AI behaviors
Story & Dialog:
    - Wrote the initial dialogues for the questlines in chapter 3
    - Worked closely with writer to fit the questlines more into the three act structure.

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