A Day in the Museum is a first-person walking simulator about finding your friend in a museum. The experience is linear but we focused on creating a sense of disorientation and guiding players using visual cues, level design, and events.
Level Example:
Upon entering the museum, players are put inside a large reception room. Paths are everywhere and players are starting to get lost when the friend now texts them to find the info desk. 
Here we used the moving people to guide the player's vision. Upon entry, the first batch of NPCs is designed to move from the right side of the room to the left, naturally making the player tracer their movements and the info desk is placed right to the left of the player with a noticeable "i" symbol.
Upon reaching the info desk, the player will be prompt to go find a "green space". As the player enters the info desk from the left, they exit from the right, and the "green space" is right in front of them, guiding the player's movement without them realizing.
All levels are built to guide the player's movement using different techniques, making navigating in a large and confusing spacing into an almost linear experience.

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